At TurtleBytes

We create and upgrade web-based software.

Our software is cross-platform, which means nothing has to be installed on computers or phones for usage!

We strive to deliver transparency and ease of access by using customized tools to fit every customer individually. To achieve clarity, a collection of configured devices are ready to be used by you, the client, and our team from start to finish.

Using a combination of maintained projects like Laravel 4 & 5 and libraries like Laravel’s Former or beanstalk are great for queue management. However, it is also good to use pre-build libs that are actively being maintained when possible and logical. This enables security patches, added features, and style upgrades to be available more rapidly.

As a PHP developing company, we strive to deliver above and beyond expectations at a reasonable rate.

These vary from collecting tasks to reporting work hours in real-time, at any time requested. TurtleBytes makes Redmine available to clients for ease of access. This application allows reports to run for viewing work progress, current tasks, and even the amount of work hours spent on a project!

We use our tools, ideas, and software for every project.

We use Ubuntu as our OS and local Lamp Stack to develop. This enables changes to be tested while having no interference with live production. In addition, LAMP Stack setup time is not billable (Free!). We develop on our Lamp Stack because we’ve personally customized it with many tools that help, like DEBUG. This allows breakpoints to be set so the code can be inspected for functionality and identifying variable values.

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