At TurtleBytes We create and upgrade web-based software. Our software is cross-platform, which means nothing has to be installed on computers or phones for usage! We strive to deliver transparency and ease of access by using customized tools to fit every customer individually. In order to achieve transparency, a collection of configured tools are ready to be used by you, the client, and our team from start to finish. Using a combination of maintained projects like Laravel 4 & 5 and … Continue reading “Home”


Most of my professional career I have used cheapish laptops and desktops. I have never build a nice custom PC. Recently I bought a cheap video card for my old desktop because my monitors were not compatible with the connections on the old motherboard. After buying that new video card it opened my eyes to how cheap and easy it is to upgrade computers! It was a part of the computer industry I had not dove into until recently. After … Continue reading “NEW COMPUTER!”

Select content in a div with only css

Just by adding that CSS and adding the class selectable to your HTML element will highlight all the inner HTML. Then the user can press ctrl+c to copy the text without needing to highlight everything. This has a very nice effect on your mobile devices. It will highlight everything on your phone which is very convenient

New keyboard and mouse

After something like 8 years I finally bought a new keyboard and mouse. My other ones were on the way out. I did some shopping around and found the world of mechanical keyboards and gaming mice.  There are so many things to look for and consider for mechanical keyboards. Do I go with led keys, which color switches should I buy, and do I want textured keys, how much is the right amount of money to spend on a keyboard … Continue reading “New keyboard and mouse”

if you search for ‘ or ” and it breaks your software

Chances are if you are using a database and your application errors out when you enter ‘ or ” into a field and you get an error this usually means your prone to SQL injection. While SQL injection is very dangerous it’s relatively simple to resolve. Now I say its simple but it could mean lots of re-work for you. I don’t want to talk about how to prevent and cure SQL injection. But, I want to show a solution to this problem. There are … Continue reading “if you search for ‘ or ” and it breaks your software”

testing emails

Safe Email Testing Solution As developers or project staff it’s really hard to come up with a clean and safe email testing solution. You never want to send production emails but, really how do you test them. I’ve recently found this service https://mailtrap.io/. You just add the email settings in your application however you usually would and all emails generated by your system will just display in your dashboard inside mail trap. Please feel free to check out this amazing service https://mailtrap.io/billing/plans


Htop is super easy to use Linux top is very useful in seeing system processes. The only problem is the general layout and commands are not obvious while its open. For those reasons, I like htop (htop – interactive process viewer). It lists many options on the bottom of the screen and you can press the letter h to get more detailed information. Once in the application, you can press f5 to activate tree view or you can press the … Continue reading “htop”

what is the cloud

The cloud just means somebodies elses computer The cloud is really just a fancy way of saying not my computer. Like Facebook is not hosted on your computer its in the cloud, or in their data warehouse. Cloud software is convenient in so many ways. If the software needs to update we know the computer or server is hosting it and how to support it.

Code View

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”] Code View Visualize code on your blog using highlightjs and hightlightjs-line-numbers. [av_dropcap1]C[/av_dropcap1]odeView a simple WordPress plugin to carry out highlightjs and usage of all the themes that highlightjs offers. In the plugins settings page in Settings -> CodeView Settings you can choose the theme, add numbering, and line numbers. In your blog post just use the shortcode cv. For example [/av_textblock] [av_toggle_container initial=’0′ mode=’accordion’ sort=” styling=’av-minimal-toggle’ colors=” font_color=” background_color=” border_color=”] [av_toggle title=’Usable themes are’ tags=”] AGATE … Continue reading “Code View”