For most of my professional career, I have used cheapish laptops and desktops. I have never build a nice custom PC. Recently I bought a cheap video card for my old desktop because my monitors were not compatible with the connections on the old motherboard. After buying that new video card it opened my eyes to how cheap and easy it is to upgrade computers! It was a part of the computer industry I had not dove into until recently.

After that a short time later AWD released the Ryzen CPUs. I had been watching them for a while through reviews and benchmarks on youtube and forums.

Not I’m thinking, I better invest in the tools I use to make my money. I found an app called PC part builder, which was integral to choosing all compatible parts. Not being a hardware guy I was worried about choosing the right stuff. And for the money, I didn’t want to get it wrong.

This is the parts list

That hardware, for the money is a very powerful computer. I am very happy with my new computer.

The computer build here is some of the inspiration for the work I plan to do. Now I don’t need liquid cooling. I won’t be taxing the system so hard I don’t really game outside some lite city skylines time.

I just run a lot of production-style servers and virtual machines for testing. My old CPU sat at 90% CPU for most of the day and ram pretty much always had 400MB out of 24GB free so the old computer crashed a lot in the middle of working.

Bad *butt* specs

The Ryzen 5 CPU 3000 series has 6 CPU 12 threads.

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